Why does a whale commit suicide?


Why does a whale commit suicide,One of the most tragic phenomena is the stranding of whales on the shore, it is touching to see them die; Whales die when they are stranded on the shore, although whales are famous for having a sophisticated navigation system that enables them to determine their direction in the sea.for more www.pets-home.net

a whale commit suicide

a whale commit suicide

Why does a whale commit suicide

However, it is known that some of their species, especially flying whales (the captain), beaked whales, and killer whales, strand towards shallow waters or shores, which leads to their death, and this phenomenon may include individual whales or an entire herd, and February 2017 witnessed More than 400 pilot whales stranded on New Zealand’s South Island beach, is it a mass suicide attempt?

Why does a whale commit suicide

Why does a whale commit suicide

But the question arises: why do whales die when they are stranded ashore? The reason for this is that the body of the whale is designed to float and float on the water, and the water reduces the pressure of the large mass of the whale on its internal organs, and when the whale reaches land, the internal organs cannot withstand the pressure caused by the mass of the body on it, so it is exposed to internal wounds, which leads to its death, in addition to that Its presence on land causes bruises and external wounds as well.

Why does a whale commit suicide..1

Why does a whale commit suicide..1

The phenomenon of stranding whales towards the shore In fact, there is no accurate scientific explanation for the phenomenon of stranding whales towards the shore, but there are several theories to explain it, and scientists still need more study and research; To ascertain the real reasons for this phenomenon, and the theories that may explain the stranding of whales towards the shore, the following


Short and medium-frequency sonar waves Some researchers and environmental scientists believe that the sonar waves launched by navies such as the US Navy to monitor submarines may confuse whales, disrupt their navigation system, and cause them to lose direction, which pushes them to shallow waters near the shore in search of safety, Whales exposed to sonar waves also suffer physical injuries.

Humpback whales seem to almost fly through the water

Humpback whales seem to almost fly through the water

Including bleeding in the brain, ears, and internal tissues, as well as severe symptoms of hypotension or paralysis, which explains the change in diving patterns in whales. Beak-nosed whales and watermelon whales are believed to be Most affected by sonar.


Given the gravity of this phenomenon, the Natural Resources Defense Council and some other environmental groups filed a lawsuit against the US Navy in 2008. The Navy subsequently pledged to study the effect of sonar on the behavior of marine mammals, including whales, and the federal courts in California and Hawaii instructed the Navy to limit the use of sonar.


whale disease

Whale researchers in the Whitehead Laboratory at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia believe that a whale that suffers from some diseases caused by infections, parasites, injuries, or even diseases caused by genetic mutations and aging, may rush towards the shore, and if it happens that the whale The patient is the dominant whale who leads the herd 

of whales, the rest of the whales have followed him to the shore, and he has been stuck to the low islands.


There is another hypothesis that explains the collective stranding of whales towards the shore, which is that groups of whales are heading towards the shore when they receive a distress call from a whale stranded at the shore, and they find themselves by mistake, too, and are unable to return to the water.


Lack of food It is believed that the lack of food sources in the feeding areas of whales and the resulting confusion and weakness, may push them towards the shore, or while they are chasing prey or escaping from a predator, they find themselves have reached the shallow waters, on the other hand, some find this explanation unacceptable , especially since whales may strand ashore in places where whales’ usual prey is not available.


Environmental toxins

Researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (in English: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) indicate that water pollution and the phenomenon of red tides; It is the phenomenon of the increasing growth of a type of algae that produces its toxins in the water, which may be behind the phenomenon of whales drifting towards the shore.


Other factors

It is believed that severe weather factors, underwater seismic activity, and anomalies of the magnetic field, may have a role in the phenomenon of whales drifting towards the shore.


Natural sea topography

The natural topography of the sea, such as the tides, constitute areas that serve as traps for marine mammals. When the phenomenon of tides occurs, the water recedes for several kilometers for several minutes, and there are many coasts where the water is very shallow, so that it is difficult for whales to navigate, because their ability to Echo positioning only works in deep water


collective delinquency

Group stranding is defined as a group of at least two animals, not including the mother and her young, and the group can reach hundreds of individuals, and often occurs in birds and whales, so that this group moves together, and never disperses even if one of its members is injured or diseased. [4] Therefore, it is possible for a whole group to die because of only one individual, so if the whales hear the sound of one of the whales calling from the shore, they will all go to the shore to save him, and therefore they are also in danger.


Does the whale survive after stranding ashore? 


The chance of helping the whale and saving its life is very low, because when the whale reaches the shore, its weight will force it to stay on the ground without moving, and this leads to the accumulation of toxins resulting from the blood circulation, and the whale breathes air, and if the water enters through the blowing hole, It will drown, in addition to a rise in its temperature due to the amount of fat inside.


When you find a whale on the beach, it is preferable to contact the emergency services and wait for doctors and trainees to save it, and it should not be pulled into the water, because this will damage its thin tail holes a lot, and lead to its death, and instead it should be placed straight to prevent water from entering the inflatable hole, and covered to prevent exposure for sunburn.

Why does a whale commit suicide ?
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