What is dog food




All domestic dogs in the world belong to one breed of animals called the domesticated dog (in Latin: Canis lupus familiaris), and they are animals that have a close relationship with humans. Today, about four hundred breeds of dogs live on earth, but they all descend from the same type on Earth.

Different forms and a variety of functions, from guard dogs and hunting to pet dogs.

These animals are characterized by a very strong sense of smell that helps them track down other people and animals, and they have many customs of their own; They tend to bury the bones or toys they love in order to reuse them in the future, and they are also interested in identifying areas for them around their homes and defending them from other dogs.

Dogs use many sounds to communicate, including barking, etc.

The dog has helped humans in many jobs since the dawn of civilization.

Domesticated dogs vary in their breeds, each of which has a function for humans; Some of them are used for guarding, some are used for hunting, some are used in tracing odors and used by the police, some are used for grazing sheep and livestock, and some are used to pull sleds in polar regions for sheds only, and among them are dogs.

Dogs need special care and attention, especially small dogs



The dog is not considered a self-contained species of living creatures, as it is – in biological taxonomy – just a subspecies of the gray wolf subspecies, and the reason why it took its current shape and form is that the ancient man succeeded in domesticating it and raising it to serve its purposes, between 200 and 18 years ago. Dogs have accompanied humans since then, gradually changing their body according to the different natural conditions around them, and the most important of these reasons is the difference in the climate in which they live, the nature of the food served to them, and the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

As for the many breeds of dogs that exist today, which number in the hundreds, differ in their colors and bodies, they are the result of cross-breeding and artificial selection carried out by humans after that.

Many of these breeds are not adapted to life in the wild and you will never be able to live in them.


What is dog food


Dog food


The types of dog food vary according to their health condition, and the preference of their breeders, as well as their prices and the way they are purchased and prepared.

It can be categorized as follows:


Dry food (ground) : Dry dog food is characterized by its lower prices than other types, and it can be kept without refrigeration for long periods. It also has many benefits for the dog; It helps to maintain the dog’s teeth, and maintain their health in good condition; It is easy to chew, which limits the formation of harmful deposits that collect on the dog’s teeth.
It is advised to read the ingredients of this food before buying it, and to choose the most beneficial for the dog.


What is dog food

What is dog food

Wet food (canned) : Although this type of dog food is available in shops and groceries, it is considered expensive compared to other types of dog food.
Canned wet food has a long shelf life, which makes it a good option for dog breeders to buy it and feed it to their dogs. There are many commercial types of canned food, but not all of them contain the necessary and useful protein for dogs.
something from him.
It is mentioned that many types of wet food (canned) consist mostly of water (75%); The high percentage of water in this food is at the expense of the dog’s nutrients, which makes him – that is, the dog – needs a larger amount of food, and for this reason it is recommended that the dog breeder read the ingredients of the item and verify them before buying it.


Semi-wet food : It is a food that resembles burgers and various pieces of meat, and is not considered one of the types of food that can be completely relied upon in the dog’s diet, as it is used from time to time to feed the dog to make it enjoy its delicious taste resulting from the manufactured materials, and the flavors that are added to it.


Home food : It is the food that dog breeders are keen to prepare for their dogs at home, and they spend money, effort and time, to be confident in the quality of the food that their dogs eat.
In this case, it is necessary for the owner of the dog to do adequate research and the necessary consultation, to make sure that this food contains all the food the dog needs.


Raw food : It is raw, uncooked fresh meat, which is presented to the dog with the bones (and other organs) that are with it; Bones are a rich source of phosphorus and calcium, which are substances that the dog needs.
And because dogs have a relatively short intestine, and strong intestinal acids, and therefore have a great ability to digest raw food and bones; This type of food is suitable for many of its species.


Special food : It is the food that is purchased or prepared after consulting a veterinarian.
This type of food is relied upon if the dog suffers from a disease condition, or from a specific allergy, so the breeder must consult a specialized veterinarian to find out the appropriate food for his dog.


Other kinds : The dog needs other types of food and food in order to grow well and be in good health.
The dog can be fed green peas; They are a good source of protein and vitamins, and dogs need these nutrients so that their body can perform the necessary vital functions and build muscles. Dogs can also benefit from many other vegetables, such as broccoli, pumpkin and carrots. It is also possible to feed the dog sweet potatoes and chicken, without adding salt or fat to it, and there is no need to put any spices or additives on it.


Domestic dogs can also be fed boiled eggs, as well as a small amount of fruits, such as apple slices, with caution that they are free of seeds because they may be toxic to the dog because they contain a small percentage of cyanide.

Pistachios and unsalted peanut butter are two types of food useful for dogs, as they contain a high percentage of protein and nutrients important for their health, such as fats, however, they should not be given to him only in small quantities, and caution – in the case of peanut butter – contains: Xylitol for its toxic effects on dogs.

Yogurt and cheese are good foods for dogs because of their calcium, protein and nutrients.






Foods to avoid for dogs


As for the foods that should be avoided from serving to the dog so that it does not get hurt or poisoned, they are varied, the most important of which are the following:


Garlic and onions : The dog should not be fed these fruits at all, because they contain toxic and harmful substances that his digestive system cannot get rid of, and because they may cause serious damage to his red blood cells.


Grapes : Grapes, even dried ones (raisins), should be avoided; Because it is toxic to dogs, it may cause kidney failure.


Chocolate : It is necessary to avoid it, especially white ones, as well as cocoa of all kinds and its products; It contains a substance called methylxanthines, which causes dogs to have diarrhea, vomiting and a high heart rate.


Caffeine :  any type of caffeinated beverage, such as tea, coffee, etc.; It may cause the dog to have a heart attack.


Alcohol :Any consumption of alcohol for a dog, even in a very small amount, will directly cause serious poisoning.


Sugar : You should try to avoid sugar as much as possible of all kinds, whether artificial or even natural, and all products that are available in a large proportion, such as soft drinks, fatty sweets, and so on, as this leads to a failure in the dog’s organs





What is dog food




Dogs training


Dogs are the best friend of man.

They are loyal animals to their owner, and work to protect and accompany him and provide many services to him. In turn, a person must be loyal to his dog and take good care of him and his health. One of the images of caring for dogs is taking care of their food and drink; Contrary to what is believed, dogs cannot eat all kinds of food that humans eat; He does not have the same physical structure as a human being, and his digestive system is different from the human digestive system, as there are some types of food that he cannot digest, including what is considered toxic to him.


What is dog food


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