What do rabbits eat




The rabbit is a mammal that man has exploited to be food for him in an alternative to the meat of ruminants and poultry.

Reproduction so that it can become pregnant immediately after birth, and at one time gives birth to approximately seven young.

These features have made rabbit breeding successful and profitable projects due to its abundance of production, rapid growth, and nutritional benefit that is not available in other living organisms.


What do rabbits eat



What do rabbits eat

rabbit food

Wild rabbits depend mainly on green plants for their food, because they have a digestive system that is commensurate with plant foods. It is noted that feeding with green materials is a sufficient source to supply rabbits with all the nutrients they need, and some breeders rely only on alfalfa to feed rabbits.

which leads to an increase in the percentage of fiber they eat and a decrease in the consumption of other foodstuffs, and this delays its growth, so it must be taken into account. Balance in rabbit food.

Types of rabbit food

The food provided to rabbits is divided into three sections according to the type of food: feed, concentrated feed, and food additives. The following is an explanation of each type of food.


Feed is divided into the following:

green material : 

It includes alfalfa (green corn sticks, vegetables, carrots, turnips, cabbage, beets, taro, lettuce, and other weeds), and alfalfa must be fully ripe and dry when served. Green corn sticks must not be less than one meter in length.

As the short plant contains a proportion of toxicity that may be harmful to the rabbit. It is noted that green food is rich in mineral salts and vitamins necessary for the vitality of the rabbit.


threshing or hay :

Alfalfa hay is one of the most important dry diets. It contains a large proportion of protein and is of great benefit. It is considered a good nutritive. A good tutor must have certain qualities such as:

harvesting it before flowering so that the percentage of fibers in it increases and the percentage of moisture decreases

/and it retains its green color after drying so as not to lose its nutritional value, and it is with its leaves completely, and its smell must be acceptable and do not contain other impurities

What do rabbits eat

What do rabbits eat

Concentrated feed

Concentrated feed consists of grains and mill products, while legumes are high in protein. They are in detail as follows:

Cereals :

Such as: oats, wheat, barley, corn, and leguminous grains such as beans and lentils.

Grass grains are characterized by a high percentage of starch in them, and they are all similar in their nutritional value.

and they are served whole or ground, but it should be noted that whole barley grains in the “shell” cover have pointed tips.

And acute, if given whole, it works on a wound in the throat or the alimentary canal, so it is preferable to be crushed

Legumes :.

Which has a high protein content in its components, and crushed beans and lentils are among the most important sources of protein, but it is preferable to use old beans over modern ones, and it is recommended to roast modern beans before crushing them.

Plant Protein Concentrates (EXP) :

It is included in the composition of the balanced diet, such as: soybeans, flax seeds, sesame seeds, and peanuts.

What do rabbits eat




What do rabbits eat

food additives


Sometimes some antibiotics are added to the food to combat the diseases common in rabbits’ wards or their food, and some vitamins are also added to increase the productivity and health of rabbits, including:


Antibiotics, such as tramycin, are added to increase the weight of rabbits, and fattening continues until 12 weeks of age to increase the growth rate and reduce the incidence of intestinal infections, and it is noted that adding this percentage to a ton of the diet may reduce the mortality rate among young rabbits to 75%.

Coccidiosis antagonists:

It is added to Badari diets up to 12 weeks of age to prevent coccidiosis, especially for rabbits raised on a mattress; Because they are more likely to contract this disease.

Antioxidants :

Added to the diet to preserve vitamins and fats from oxidation.

drinking water :

The rabbit is a living creature that needs water to carry out the vital processes in its body, such as digestion, absorption, and excretion. Water is also included in the formation of blood and other fluids.

The amount of water a rabbit needs depends on several factors, including:

  • Temperature, humidity, type of food used, stage of growth and size of rabbits.
  •   rabbit age; As the little rabbits need more water.
  • In hot weather, rabbits consume large amounts of water.
  •   Water consumption decreases when rabbits are fed green fodder because it contains a high percentage of it.
  •   Nursing mothers need large amounts of water to produce milk.

What do rabbits eat

What do rabbits eat

What do rabbits eat


What do rabbits eat

Feeding method


Before starting to put food and water in the designated places, it is preferable to clean them well to prevent the proliferation of microbes in them.

Food is placed once or twice a day to ensure that a large amount is not placed, causing damage or dirt; Diseases spread among rabbits and lose their appetite.

As for the amount allocated to each rabbit, it increases with the age of the rabbit.

After the end of breastfeeding, the rabbit begins to eat 70 g per day, at the third month 100 g, in the fourth month 150 g, in the fifth month 180 g, and in the sixth 200 g.

The required quantity varies in pregnant and lactating rabbits that must be fed from 250 – 300 g per day

and the quantity should not be less or more than these levels so as not to deteriorate the health of rabbits and thus increase their mortality rate.

The amount of food provided to rabbits should also be reduced in case of high temperature; The need for food decreases 19% when the temperature rises.

Rabbits strongly desire food consisting of sugar, as they are lovers of delicious food, for example, their love for carrots because they contain a high percentage of sucrose.


What do rabbits eat

The best food for rabbits


Veterinarians advise giving rabbits an appropriate diet, in addition to providing them with adequate amounts of clean drinking water. Follow the following points:


  • The quantities of hay or grass that the rabbit feeds on should not be less than its size, meaning that the amount of hay that is placed for the rabbit daily must be close to the size of the rabbit.

    and it is also important that the grass on which the rabbit feeds is        from long grass and not small clippings.


  • It is recommended to feed rabbits handfuls of fresh vegetables to an adult twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, and it is important to choose vegetables that are safe and suitable for rabbits.


  • It is recommended to feed rabbits only a tablespoon once a day of special rabbit food, and twice if the rabbit weighs more than 3.5 kg.


What do rabbits eat


How much food should a little rabbit get


The young rabbit, whose age ranges between seven months and one year, must receive an appropriate diet, which is as follows

  • Introducing hay, straw, oat straw and other types of hay suitable for rabbit food, with the need to reduce the quantities of alfalfa that the rabbit was getting to half a cup for 2.7 kg of rabbit weight.


  •   Gradually increase the daily servings of vegetables in proportion to the size and age of the rabbit.


  • The rabbit should get a daily portion of fruit of no more than 28 to 57 grams per 2.7 kg of the rabbit’s weight.


What do rabbits eat

How much food should an old rabbit get


If the rabbit exceeds its sixth year, attention should be paid to the rabbit’s diet, due to the weight loss and lack of nutrients, and the following are the most important tips for feeding older rabbits:


  • If the big rabbit maintains its weight, it is recommended to follow the diet of adult rabbits without changing.


  • If the old rabbit loses weight and becomes weak, it is advised to give him unlimited amounts of grain to compensate for his lost weight, and if the rabbit’s calcium levels are normal, alfalfa can be added to his food. 

    and it is indicated that it is preferable that the rabbit at this age undergo annual blood tests to determine his condition health.


What do rabbits eat


How much water does a rabbit need


Rabbits, like other living creatures, need to consume appropriate amounts of fresh water, and as a rule.

the daily amount of water that rabbits need is estimated to be approximately 10% of their weight

and this amount may vary from one rabbit to another depending on the general health of the rabbit and the surrounding temperature, as The rabbit’s diet plays a major role in determining its daily needs of drinking water.

and it is worth noting that rabbits do not drink water if it is warm, and for this it is recommended to update the water bowl when rabbits periodically, especially if rabbits live in a warm area.

What do rabbits eat



What do rabbits eat

Food that should not be fed to rabbits


There are a number of foods that are not suitable for rabbits for many reasons, the most important of which are the following:


Dairy: Dairy can cause fatal intestinal poisoning if eaten by rabbits, as it causes an overgrowth of bacteria in the rabbit’s intestines. Bread, pasta and cakes:
These foods contain high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates, so it is best to avoid foods with high sugar levels and artificial ingredients.


Avocados: Avocados are high in fat that can be fatal if ingested by a rabbit, and therefore should be excluded from the rabbit’s diet.


Corn flakes: These flakes are processed foods that are harmful to rabbits’ stomachs and teeth.


Iceberg lettuce: The light-colored lettuce plant contains lactucarium, which is harmful to the health of rabbits, and therefore this type of lettuce should be avoided.


Hamster food: rabbits’ diet requires foods rich in fiber, so feeding them with hamster food will not bring them any nutritional benefit.


Walnuts: Walnuts are rich in fat, not fiber, so eating them may cause indigestion in rabbits.


Oatmeal: Oatmeal does not have any nutritional value for rabbits, so it is best to focus on foods that are suitable for their diet.


 Chocolate: Chocolate is a dangerous food for rabbits, and should be completely avoided.


Peanut butter: You should avoid feeding rabbits peanut butter, as it is one of the high-fat foods that may cause abdominal pain.


 Potatoes: Potatoes are not a toxic food for rabbits, but they contain very high levels of carbohydrates and starch, which cause digestive problems for rabbits.


Meat: Rabbits are herbivores, meaning that they depend on plants for their food, so they do not eat meat at all.


 Cauliflower: Rabbit eating cauliflower causes bloating in its stomach and gases in its intestines, and therefore it should be avoided because of the pain and digestive problems it causes.

What do rabbits eat

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