What are the best types of milk-producing cows?


The best types of cows produce milk, we can get milk from cows or buffaloes, and cow’s milk is characterized by containing many nutrients. see more here www.pets-home.net


It is different in its components according to the types of cows that produce it, and for this we will discuss with you through the money makers platform the best types of milk producing cows in the world.

Friesian cows


The Friesian cow is of Dutch origin, and it is one of the most famous species in the world, because this type of cow produces about 8500 kg of milk at the ripening age per season, and its duration is 305 days.

Friesian cows

Friesian cows

Ayrshire cows

This type of cow is originally from Scotland and is characterized by its large size, the abundance of milk produced, and the milk production in this cow reaches 30 kg per day.

Ayrshire cows

Ayrshire cows

An abundant amount of meat can be obtained from this cow, besides milk.


Suez Brown

This type of cow produces large quantities of milk, its production may reach 6000 kilos per season.

Golden Cow

Golden Cow

The most important characteristics of good cows


There are many characteristics of good cows that are as follows:


The cow should be clean and skinny, and free of any fat deposits anywhere on its body.


The cow has a clear distinction in the ribs, especially in the area of ​​the short ribs.


The cow’s hair should be soft and cover the whole body.


That the skin is tender and tight.


The body should be free of wounds.


The body is triangular in shape.


Its weight should be appropriate with the average weight of the breed.


In terms of character, the cow must be characterized by calmness, speed of nature, love of life in the midst of the herd, and free from negative behaviors.


As for the shape of the head, it should be long, showing signs of femininity, the forehead should be wide, the nostril wide, the ears clean and sound, and the lips strong.


The eyes of a good cow are bright and do not tear, and their inner eyelids are pink.

The horns are intact and correct in direction.


The tongue should be healthy and easy to move.


The gums should be healthy, and there are no changes on them.


The neck should be long, the skin not saggy, and the head positioned appropriately above the neck.


The udder should be large and round.


As for the abdomen, it should be characterized by being deep, not drooping, and not crunchy, and in the navel area there should not be any tumors.


As for the back, it should be straight and not have any curvature, and it should be free of fat deposits.


The most famous breeds of cows at the moment


Simmental cows


Simmental cows are a type of cow that originated in Switzerland, especially in the Simm region, and now accounts for more than half of the cows in Switzerland and neighboring European countries.

Simmental cows

Simmental cows

Simmental cows have yellow or red eyes, white head, and white horns and limbs.


It is a large animal with a straight back and a good neck.


The weight of the female is 650-800 kg, the male is 950-1050 kg, and the height at the shoulder is (137-147 cm) and (140-157 cm) respectively.


Simmental cows produce about 4000 kg per season, and the percentage of fat in them is about 5%.


jersey cows 


Jersey cows are one of the types of cows that can withstand high temperatures, and they are small in size, and sexually mature quickly.


The milk production of this cow is 4500 kg per season, which lasts 305 days.


The body of these cows is light sandy, grading to black, and the color is light brown mostly in the female, and in the male it is dark brown.


The back is straight, the eyes are wide, the horns are small and attached to the body, and there is a black color at the nose and in the back.


Females weigh about 400 kg, males are 650 kg, and newborns weigh between 25-30 kg, but unfortunately most of this type of cows are not suitable for fattening.


Because it is slow in growth, and has no ability to fatten.


These cows are also spread in particular in most European countries, and in the United States of America in particular.


Holstein cows prices in Egypt 2021


Holstein cows are one of the famous types of cows in Egypt, because the production of this cow reaches 9330 kg of milk per year.


It is distinguished as it produces quality halal, as it produces more than 100 thousand kg in only 9 deliveries.


The price of a Holstein calf for about a month and a half amounts to 13,000 Egyptian pounds, and the weight of a cow is about 500 kilograms.


It produces 25 to 27 kilograms of milk per day, and this milk sells for 200 Egyptian pounds per day.


When raising Holstein cows, concentrated and compound feeds are used in the production of milk.

jersey cows 

jersey cows

This is in addition to the possibility of raising them on green fodder with hay, so that they can produce biological milk.


500 cows were imported from the Holstein, which is an advanced tax collector, because it is a source of animal production, and a financing for small farmers to achieve self-sufficiency in meat.


Meat-producing cows 


There are many types of cows that produce meat, including:

The Angus cow: It is native to Scotland, and is usually raised in areas with heavy rains and is characterized by its black color, and is famous for its production of calves.

Hereford cow: Its color is red, its face is white, it has horns, its original home is England, and it is characterized by the production of calves, in addition to its use in crossbreeding.

Limousin cow: native to France, it is famous for its small size, brown color, horns, dense muscles and low-fat meat, and therefore suitable for crossbreeding.

 Simmental cow: It is red and white, and its face is horned, its origin is European, and it is characterized by the production of bulls.

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