types of sharks

types of sharks

There are about 400 species of sharks, we mention in this article some of these species, which are here in https://www.pets-home.net/


whale shark

The whale shark is the largest species of shark, and the largest species of fish in the world as well, with a weight of approximately 34,090 kilograms, and a length of 19.81 meters, and despite its large size, it feeds on the smallest living organisms in the ocean such as crustaceans And plankton, and the color of the whale shark is gray, blue or brown and covered with regular spots, and it lives in the warm waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific oceans

whale shark

whale shark

basking shark

Basking shark is the second largest of all sharks and fish. Its weight reaches seven tons, and its length is 12.19 meters. It is similar to a whale shark in feeding; It feeds on small plankton, and basking shark spend a lot of time on the ocean surface; Where he swims and filters the water through the mouth and gills, to get his prey in the gill trap, and this type of shark spreads in all oceans of the world, and it lives in temperate waters.

basking shark

basking shark

mako shark

Shortfin mako sharks are fast and active sharks; With a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour, and a distance of more than 2,092 kilometers per month, it has five large gill slits, a well-developed eye, and knife-like teeth. By efficient heat exchange system, high metabolic rate.

mako shark

mako shark

Thresher shark


Thresher shark lives in tropical and temperate seas around the world, and it feeds on fish and squid. The thresher shark consists of three species, the most famous of which is the long-tailed shark.

Thresher shark

Thresher shark

Where does the shark live?

Here are the most important places where sharks live


The open ocean area

the adaptation of the shark that lives in the open ocean area to swim fast to catch prey, examples of which are the following

  • shortfin mako shark


Sandy plains

including the following:

  • Angel Sharks.
  •   Great Hammerhead Sharks.
  • Saw Sharks
Great Hammerhead Sharks

Great Hammerhead Shark

Saw Sharks

Saw Shark

Rocky coasts 

Some types of shark prefer to live in rocky coast areas due to the abundance of food sources there, including the following

  • Spiny Dogfish Sharks.
  •   White Sharks.
  •   Scalloped hammerhead sharks.
White Sharks

White Shark

 Scalloped hammerhead sharks

Scalloped hammerhead shark

Creek or Estuaries

  The estuaries of rivers where rivers meet the oceans are characterized by their low salinity. 

Among the sharks that prefer to live in this medium are the following:


Coral reefs 

Among the types of sharks that live near coral reefs are the following:

  • Gray Reef Shark.
  •   Blacktip Reef Shark.
  •   Caribbean Reef Shark.
Gray Reef Shark

Gray Reef Shark

Deep oceans

Examples of shark species that live in the depths of the oceans; The Goblin Shark is a rare species about which there is not much information.


Shark living places according to its sex and type.

More than 500 species of shark live in the different habitats of the world’s oceans, including deep seas, open oceans, coral reefs, and under the ice in the Arctic,[4] and it is known that sharks do not stay in the same place, they change their places of residence A lot, as it migrates hundreds of kilometers in search of places where food is available, yet shark is classified according to the temperature of the environment in which they live into 3 types; as follows


Tropical shark: 

a shark that prefers to live near the equator, such as

  • Great Hammerhead Shark. 
  • Nursing Shark
Nursing Shark

Nursing Shark

Arctic shark

 a shark that has adapted to live near the polar ice areas whose temperature does not exceed a few degrees above zero, such as

  • Black Dogfish Shark.
  • Greenland Sleeper Shark
Moderate shark

a fish that prefers to live in places between the polar and tropical regions, such as

  • Great White Shark. 
  • Basking Shark


Do sharks live in freshwater?

Most types of shark live in highly saline waters, and some types of young shark use brackish water as nursery areas for their young. However, there are only two types of sharks that have organic adaptations that enable them to live in freshwater, and they are as follows


Bull Shark It is found in the Amazon River, the Mississippi River, and in the slopes leading to Lake Nicaragua from the Caribbean Sea.
Speartooth Shark; One group has been found in the Adelaide River, and a second group has been found in the Besant River and Alligator Rivers in Australia.

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