The best types of birds and how to take care of them


The best types of birds and how to take care of them, birds are considered one of the most delicate and beautiful birds in our world. Just watching them and listening to their voices brings happiness and joy in the souls. see more here

Also, many children and adults love it and want to raise them at home, so for all those interested in ornamental birds, birds are thinking of raising them.

We also provide you with this useful information so that the experience of raising birds will be a successful one without any problems in our always distinguished article.


The best types of birds suitable for breeding at home


Fisher (Love Birds)

This type of birds is characterized by romance and love between them, and the male and female are associated with a special kind of love and fidelity relationship.

As if one loses the other, he refuses to mate after him permanently. This type is also characterized by its beautiful colors.

The average lifespan of a fisherman is about 10 to 15 years, and it is a common species that is bred and found in abundance.

Fisher (Love Bird)

Fisher (Love Bird)

Australian budgies

If you are thinking of raising birds for the first time, this species is your best option.

It has many features that make it superior to other options.

Such as the beauty of the form and the cheapness of the price and does not require effort or experience to raise it. It is also considered the most appropriate breeding for the purpose of trade.

After mating, it produces good numbers of young.

Australian budgies:-

Australian budgies:-


The canary bird


It is called the canary bird and it is very famous and preferred by many. It is characterized by many colors, the most famous of which is yellow, to a degree that tends to orange, and another degree, which is greenish yellow. 

It is also characterized by its beautiful voice that delights those who hear it, and this type of species is considered expensive. 

The reason for calling it the Canary is due to the name of its original homeland, which is the Canary Island.

The canary bird

The canary bird

Zebra sparrow


Zebra sparrows are characterized by small size, activity and agility as well, but they do not prefer loneliness and like to live in gatherings.

Therefore, it is preferable to raise a number of them so that their lives are not affected, and zebra birds are considered to be of an appropriate price. It is beautifully frilled, and the average age is from five to eight years.

Zebra sparrow birds

Zebra sparrow

Cocktail birds

This type is considered one of the difficult species in breeding.

Therefore, those who make the decision to raise them must also have experience and patience, and this is in addition to the fact that their price is valuable.

Despite these difficulties, they are worth a try, as they are more like parrots belonging to the same species.

As they have high feathers on top of the head like the crown. They are also able to pick up some words. They are pronounced, repeated, and have the ability to respond to training and perform certain movements.

Cocktail birds

Cocktail birds


This bird is a songbird with a sweet voice.

It is also distinguished by its delicate shape and attractive colors.

His upbringing is difficult, and he does not like to be alone, and he loves to go out and is not suitable for raising him for trade.



Java sparrow

The Java sparrow has a wonderful shape and different neutral colors. But the color of the beak remains constant, a reddish-pink color. It belongs to the finch family, and its name goes back to its original homeland on the island of Java. He loves to eat rice grains, and the male Javanese makes beautiful singing-like sounds.

And that while a female Javanese is incubating her eggs is really cool. This type is a good choice for home breeding.

Java sparrow

Java sparrow

How do you take care of bird ?

The process of taking care of birds includes several important axes, which are needed by most living organisms, namely food and housing. 

And you also need hygiene in order to preserve their health and their lives, and we will deal with each topic separately. So that the person raising them is well versed in these details.


the food of the birds and their food


Birds, like most creatures, need several different and varied nutrients to be healthy, so care must be taken to diversify their food. Birds do not eat only grains, but they eat fruits, vegetables and some seeds, and each type of food has its own preference.

Therefore, a specialized veterinarian should be consulted to determine the nature of the food according to the type. Feed the birds in small quantities, slowly and without force.

Avoid serving hard food to birds, as they may cause a swallowing problem and lead to choking. Also, the same problem occurs with liquid food that is rich in water, so the medium texture is suitable for birds. Food is served to birds at normal air temperature without refrigeration or heating.


bird house


Birds love freedom, so when you put them in the cage, it should be as large as possible. So that the narrowness of space does not cause the birds to feel that they are restricted.

The location of the cage must be chosen carefully, so that it is away from air currents or fumes rising during cooking.

The cage must be made of a durable material that is safe for birds, so as not to harm them or they can breach it.

The cage should have places for birds to stand, and places for water and food containers. It must also be well distributed in the cage to allow the birds to move around to eat and drink easily. 

Take care of the daily cleanliness of the cage, especially the bottom of the cage, to avoid diseases.

It is also preferable that the bottom of the cage be covered with paper, so that it shows any abnormal signs in the exit of birds.

 A source of warmth must be provided near the cage if the weather is cold, such as a heat lamp. If there is excessive light or high heat, a place with shade should be provided.

bird house

bird house

Care for the hygiene of all types of birds


Birds love water and clean themselves and their feathers with it, and this is a necessary thing, so water must be provided for this purpose.

By water sprays or any source of water mist. If this is not possible, a heavy, flat bowl of water can be placed in it so that the birds can wash with it without turning over with them.

After the washing process, the bird cage is placed at a medium temperature, away from hot or cold.

Always take care of the cleanliness of the cage and its floor, covering its floor with clean sheets. It is also changed every three days so that the droppings from the birds do not cause the proliferation of microbes and diseases.

Eating and drinking bowls should be cleaned every day or two at most. Also, no disinfectants or chemicals should be used during the cleaning process.

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