How to get rid of cockroaches

Ways to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches can be disposed of in several ways, which may be by using natural materials, or synthetic materials and compounds, and among these methods are the following:



The cockroach is one of the winged insects that lived on Earth more than 320 million years ago, and it is a diverse insect with more than 3,500 species. Approximately 20 species have adapted to live in human habitations, and have become a household pest. 

The cockroach has a flat oval body divided into three parts, the head, the chest, and the abdomen, and it has two long antennae, three pairs of long legs, and has a flat shield made up mostly of chitin that covers the chest and head regions, and this cover is usually brown or black, and sometimes has It is green, yellow, or red.

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Eliminate food sources

In order to survive, cockroaches need food to survive, as they feed on just about anything; Food crumbs and leftovers, and to get rid of cockroaches and avoid their appearance, it should be taken into account to clean up leftovers and food spilled on surfaces immediately after eating a meal, and not to leave any unclean dishes on the dining table or in the sink.


Entomologist Shelley Hartzer recommends deep cleaning the kitchen and checking cabinets and electrical appliances to make sure there are no cockroaches there. 

These insects prefer to be behind refrigerators because of the comfortable and warm environment there, and licensed exterminator Mike Goldstein recommends collecting trash in a container with a lid It is tightly closed, and the garbage bags are taken out regularly, with the need to clean the bottom of the container to get rid of food residues there.

cockroach modeled max

cockroach modeled max

Water leak repair

Repairing water leaks is one of the ways in which cockroaches can be controlled in the house, whether the leaks are from water taps or drain pipes; Cockroaches prefer to be in the water that results from leakage, so you must quickly block and close any leak, either by using adhesive tape, or by filling holes and cracks with urethane foam, or steel wool, or using insulating foam around the pipes that leak large amounts of water.

this In addition to the importance of checking the basins and surfaces and making sure that they are completely dry before going to sleep, in addition to covering the faucets with a drain plug; Because cockroaches are often found at night.


Maintaining the cleanliness of the house

It is recommended to follow a set of steps to maintain the cleanliness of the house, which contributes to the control of cockroaches, including the following:


Wipe up surfaces and food spills immediately.

  • Take out the trash from the house. 
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of:
  • The oven, the microwave, and the bottom of the refrigerator. 
  • Storing food in glass, plastic, or metal containers that are tightly closed, because containers made of cardboard make it easy for cockroaches to enter them. 
  • The possibility of spraying and fumigating the house, although aerosol sprays that can be purchased do not eliminate cockroaches at the same moment, but they remove cockroaches from their hiding places, kill them slowly and prevent their reproduction.


soap and water

The soap and water mixture can be prepared by mixing a few drops of liquid soap, such as shower gel, with water, to get rid of cockroaches by spraying them directly with the mixture, and three drops of this solution are enough to kill a cockroach, as soapy water forms a thin layer on the pores that The cockroach breathes in, causing it to suffocate.

cockroaches 1

cockroaches 1

Ammonia gas 

Ammonia gas can be used as a way to get rid of household cockroaches, by mixing two cups of ammonia with a basin of water, then wiping and cleaning the surfaces of the house with this solution, and it is used as a way to deter cockroaches from approaching and alienate them.


Bay leaves 

repel cockroaches from the smell of bay leaves, so they can be used to deter them and prevent them from approaching the house, by scattering some fresh or dried bay leaves around the entrances to the house, or near the hideout in which they live, which prompts them to leave it and look for another place.


Manufacture of traps and Traps 

are considered an effective way to attract cockroaches, and then get rid of them, and although they do not help in getting rid of large numbers of them, they are effective in killing cockroaches that approach places of food and living.

Get Rid Of Cockroaches For Good

Get Rid Of Cockroaches For Good

Adhesive tape 

Although adhesive tape for pest control is not new, it has effective results, especially when choosing high-quality tapes, and it can be used by placing it around cracks, openings, floorboards and any other places through which cockroaches can enter the house, and it is preferable to put these Strips in the evening because cockroaches are often most active at night.


Glass jar trap 

A simple glass jar can be used as an effective trap, by filling it halfway with water, and then adding some foods with an attractive smell; Such as coffee, or peanut butter, and leftovers, and grease the top of the jar with Vaseline, to prevent cockroaches from escaping, and to facilitate the process of slipping into the bowl and dying.


Soda can trap 

The soda can trap can be prepared easily, by cutting the upper part of the soda can, then placing it as a funnel upside down inside the bottom remaining part of the soda can, and filling the lower part of it with a mixture of sugar and coffee, so that cockroaches fall inside it easily and die.



is a very effective way to get rid of cockroaches, and it is safe, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly, and it can be used by mixing equal amounts of borax and sugar, and spreading the mixture in different places such as cracks in the house. Under tanks and sewers, cockroaches are attracted to sugar, and borax destroys the cockroach’s digestive system and the outer covering of the cockroach’s body, killing it.


Other effective and quick ways to get rid of cockroaches It is possible to get rid of cockroaches using many special insecticides, but many types of cockroaches are able to resist these chemical pesticides, so there are many home solutions that can fulfill the purpose, and among these solutions:


Coffee powder

The caffeine in coffee helps to attract cockroaches, so the way to put coffee powder in water bowls in places accessible to cockroaches was a way to attract and kill them, by dissolving a quantity of coffee in cups filled with water and placing it in places where it could be To be entered by cockroaches, when cockroaches are attracted to coffee they fall into coffee pots where they cannot escape and thus drown and die.


Fabric softener

cockroaches breathe through their skin, so some odors can suffocate them or make them breathe with difficulty until they die. Softener in exchange for two portions of water, and then put the solution in a spray bottle, and use it to spray cockroaches when they appear, or in their hiding places.


A mixture of cayenne pepper with garlic, onions, and water: You can prepare a mixture of one tablespoon of cayenne pepper with a crushed clove of garlic, onion powder, and four cups of boiling water, then put the resulting mixture in a spray bottle and use it as a natural repellent for cockroaches.


A mixture of essential oils, borax, and baking soda: There are many essential oils that humans prefer but insects hate, and these oils include rosemary oil, lemon oil, cedar oil, and eucalyptus oil, and drops of one of these oils can be placed on cotton balls and placed Cotton in the places where cockroaches are present. 

Baking soda and borax powder can also be added to the oils to give a pungent smell. For example, ten to twelve drops of essential oil can be added to four drops of lemon oil and mixed with two cups of baking soda and four tablespoons of borax powder. 

Then spray the resulting mixture in the places where cockroaches and other insects are present, and it must be left for 30 minutes and then removed using a vacuum cleaner.

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