How do I know the type of my cats?


the cats


Cats are one of the most bred pets in our homes, and they are not one or even two types. Cats are different types and shapes, and this depends on the shape of each cat, its color, size, and even its characteristics and nature. We will discuss the following some types of cats depending on their characteristics:


How do I know the type of my cat?


  Types of cats by shape


Persian cat

Persian cat

Persian cat

    •  It is known as the Persian or Iranian cat, and it is a breed of modern cats. Its hair is thick, specifically at its neck and shoulders. It has many different colors, and the most breeding type is the white cat with blue eyes.
  •  Himalayan cat

    Himalayan cat


Which is produced as a result of the mating of a Shirazi and Siamese cat, and its color is light orange. As for the nose, ears, limbs of the feet, and the tail, the color is darker, and the most famous types are: Himalaya Chocolate and Himalayan Blueberry, the most expensive and the rarest in existence.

  • Siamese cat
Siamese cat

Siamese cat

Its origin is in the continent of Asia, where the King of Siam gifted it to the English consul, and then it spread in Britain and then reached America. As for the tail, it may be short or it may be long, but the most widespread is the long tail.

  •  Balinese


 Its origin is America, it has a Siamese mother, and her hair is long and smooth as silk, thick on the top side and short on the bottom side, and she has good muscles and her movements are light, and her eyes are also blue almonds.

  •  Turkish cat
Turkish cat

Turkish cat

Or what is known as the Van cat, has a white color and becomes darker at the tail, and has large ears with a pink color on the inside.

  •  norwegian jungle cat


He lives in Norway, his hair is thick to protect him from the cold, and he has claws that enable him to climb mountains easily. And there are many other types that cannot be listed and mentioned all.

 norwegian jungle cats

norwegian jungle cats

Types of cats according to their behavior


Cats that are more social than others, and this type is more preferred for gaining the love of those around him in addition to their trust in him, for example, this type likes to sleep in your bed or even sit on your feet.


The second type is the most fierce and aggressive, and this type is so curious that it attacks anything in front of it, and many people face many problems if they own this type of cat. In order to deal with this wild type of cat, the following things can be followed:


For cats, the following things can be followed:

  • As it is known about cats that they love games, lights, etc., try to make your room or where you are a favorite place for your cat.


  • Pet this cat with caution, whether with stuffed toys, lights or even water. 


  • Try to provide your cat with his favorite food of fish, meat and milk, and it’s okay if you touch his head while he is eating as a way of feeling safe and sympathetic to him.


As for the third type of cat, unlike the first, it is also antisocial and shy, and this type causes the anger of its breeder; Because he likes to stay in his place because of his shyness or fear, so it is necessary to follow a set of tips to become more lively:


  • Never try to get a cat out of his seat.
  • Provide him with food and drink by placing them near your cat’s lair.
  •   Avoid using angry or yelling style with him and also do not allow children to play with him, you alone have to deal with this type of cat.
  • Be patient, for example, this type of cat needs patience and the time it takes to get out of this situation varies from one cat to another depending on the reason that made it become like this, and after these cats come out to become normal like the rest, you must also be careful, you have to treat him gently and avoid Screaming and hitting until it doesn’t go back to how it was before.


The most common types of cats

  1. Abyssinian cat.
  2. Australian Mist Cat.
  3. Burmilla cat. 
  4. Siberian cat.

There are many others, and each has its own characteristics, size and color, and we do not forget the way to deal with it based on its characteristics as we mentioned previously.

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