Symptoms of difficult childbirth in cats and their treatment

Birth Difficulties in Cats


Birth Difficulties in Cats,Cats are born naturally in 90% of cases, so you need some kind of intervention. all that want to know about cats are here


A cat giving birth. Difficulty giving birth to kittens.


So that you know the date of birth and even prepare in case the symptoms of the birth of kittens appear.

 Birth Difficulties in Cats 

Birth Difficulties in Cats

What are the stages of cat birth?

Cats may give birth in two stages, each stage may last from 6 to 12 hours, so in total it may take about 24 hours for cats to fully give birth.


So if any stage of the birth continues without new kittens coming out, or if 6 hours have passed without a new kitten appearing, you may have to prepare and pay attention.


The uterus contracts severely every time the cat begins to give birth to a new cat, then the new cat comes out and the mother cat cuts the membrane around it and cleans it so that it can breathe.


So continue that this process happens smoothly and without problems.. We have prepared for you a comprehensive guide with pictures about the stages of cats birth


Symptoms of difficult childbirth in cats

There are many symptoms that indicate the birth of troubled kittens that require you to pay attention, and we summarize them for you as follows:

 Birth Difficulties in Cats 

Birth Difficulties in Cats

  • The cat does not give birth until the 70th day of pregnancy
  • 24 hours have passed without any fetus leaving the cat’s womb
  • Continuous uterine contractions for an hour without the birth of kittens
  • 6 hours have passed without a new cat coming out, making sure that there are other cats inside your cat’s stomach
  • Musty smell or bad-smelling vaginal discharge from the cat’s vagina
  • The cat vomits severely and continuously for no apparent reason
  • The mother cat’s temperature drops below 37 degrees Celsius


Causes of dystocia in Cats


Cat dystocia is most common in Himalayan cats and Persian (Shirazi) cats.

The causes of difficult birth in kittens are multiple, and they can be divided into reasons related to the mother cat and causes related to problems in kittens


Also, some cat breeds, such as Himalayan cats and Persion cats, suffer from difficult birth more than others


Reasons related to the mother cat


Sometimes the causes of obstructed labor in cats have to do with the shape of the cat’s pelvis.


Some cats have a narrow pelvis, and this is due to the fact that the mother cat has congenital pelvic defects, which may cause difficulty in giving birth to your cat.


Also, the problem of uterine inertia may also cause difficulty in childbirth, as the uterus in this case does not contract enough or does not contract from the ground up to assist in the birth process.


Finally, uterine infections and intrauterine infections may cause difficult labor in cats


Causes related to kittens


Some breeders may resort to marrying cats of different breeds, and this may lead to the birth of kittens in a large size.

a cat with its kittens

a cat with its kittens

The size of small kittens, if it is large, may not pass through the birth canal, and therefore may lead to difficult labor for your cat

Also, if the cats are placed in the womb, during childbirth, the cats may come out their head first or their hind feet first, so if the cats were in any other position, the birth process would not happen smoothly


In addition, the enlargement of one of the organs of the newborn cats, or the death of one of the cats before birth inside the womb may affect its position and thus lead to the problem of difficult birth in cats.

Treatment of dystocia in Cats

Treating difficult childbirth in cats

Treatment of obstructed labor in cats

Treatment Birth Difficulties in Cats

Lethargy, hypothermia, and severe vomiting are symptoms of difficult cat births

As we explained in the causes of dystocia for cats, each cause has a different treatment, so we do not advise you to intervene on your own without consulting a veterinarian.


The intervention of the doctor may be in more than one form as follows:


If the problem is with the mother cat and the lack of enough contractions in the uterus (the problem of uterine insufficiency), the doctor may use an injection to stimulate the contractions of the uterus, after making sure that the kittens are placed so as not to cause the uterus to explode.


In case the mother cat is stressed due to pregnancy and the length of the birth period, the doctor will give some calcium injections and other important medical preparations to help strengthen uterine contractions

If your cat is nervous and unable to move or give birth normally, the doctor may need to anesthetize it and perform a cesarean delivery for your cat.


Birth Difficulties in Cats
Birth Difficulties in Cats


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