The best pets to raise at home


the cats

The best pets to raise at home one is the Cats are one of the best options for breeding inside the home, due to the fact that they are an independent organism, as they do not need to spend a lot of time with them, in addition to that they clean themselves and relieve themselves in the designated place without causing any chaos in the house, and other features To raise cats at home, they rid you of insects and rodents, as they attack and feed on them.


Many prefer to raise dogs at home because they have many wonderful qualities such as loyalty to their owner, as the dog is the most loyal creature on earth, in addition to the fact that the hearts of dogs are overflowing with love, feelings and energy, they are like an innocent child with pure and sincere feelings, so you have to take care of the dog and spend Time with him, in addition to the need to go out with him for walks at least three times a week, and do not forget to clean the dog and continue to train him to relieve himself in a specific place, as he does not clean himself as cats do.


Fish are very suitable for small houses, as they do not need movement and movement. In addition, fish have attractive shapes and colors that give the place beauty, splendor and unparalleled attractiveness. 

All you have to do is clean the aquarium regularly and put the food in the recommended amount without over or under.



the birds

The birds are distinguished by their beautiful sounds that give a calm and romantic atmosphere to the house, in addition to their beautiful colors and the absence of a large space for their acquisition. 

Birds may cause some chaos as a result of their food scattering on the area around their cage, but cleaning the place around them is not a difficult task compared to the beauty of being in the house.

the bird

the bird


Turtles live long, but this does not mean that we should take care of them. They need care like any other pet. For example, you should feed them a varied diet that contains calcium in order to maintain the strength of their bones and shell. Also, it is worth noting the need not to touch the shell in a way that may harm the turtle.



Examples of other animals


Rodents are like hamsters

cows and camels

Donkey, horse, etc.

The best pets to raise at home


How to raise pets at home?

All you need is a suitable place, allocating an area to relieve the need, providing the appropriate food and drink for this pet, in addition to committing to periodic visits to the doctor and making sure to take it to vaccinations, and maintaining its cleanliness. It is worth noting that the pet resembles a child in its feelings and purity, so you have to take care of it and show love and warmth to this nice friend, and we stress the need to spend some time with it and not leave it alone, especially the dog. 

So the method of raising pets can be summed up in full awareness and assimilation of all the psychological and physical needs of this being.


Benefits of raising pets

1-The issue of buying pets for breeding at home has become a common and well-known matter among people, and most likely this is due to the many benefits of raising pets for children and adults alike, and these benefits include:


2-Improving the mood and eliminating the feeling of emptiness


3-Entertainment and obesity relief due to constant movement and play with that pet


4-The feeling of happiness stemming from giving, as taking care of this weak creature will bring you much good


5-Improving children’s behavior and teaching them kindness to animals, giving and taking care of others by taking responsibility for a weaker being than them


6-Positively affecting the biological aspect of the child in terms of promoting the secretion of the hormone of happiness


7-Enhance the child’s self-confidence by performing and accomplishing tasks, and overcoming fears


8-Teaching the child to take responsibility by taking care of the pet and making sure it stays happy and safe


Disadvantages of raising pets


The harms of raising pets at home are very few, as follows:


 1-The possibility of a family member having an allergy to pets

Given that the life of pets is rather short, it is likely that this pet will become very 2-attached, especially by children, and enter into a state of sadness when losing it

The best pets to raise at home

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